It exhausts my elbow 
420 edited slides in sleeves, 10 led-panels, 10 ring-folder mechanisms, magnifying lens, translucent window lettering, 4 compositions of 15 risograph prints (mono, duplex, triplex), 2 custom-made linoleum boards | photo: Daniel Jarosch
It exhausts my elbow  It exhausts my elbow  It exhausts my elbow  It exhausts my elbow  It exhausts my elbow  It exhausts my elbow  It exhausts my elbow  It exhausts my elbow  It exhausts my elbow 

In her long-term project IT EXHAUSTS MY ELBOW, Marianna Christofides traced specific “errant” manifestations of uncertainty, the various forms and different characteristics of which have been unfolding since the crisis year 2008 in south-eastern Europe.
Against the background of a state of everlasting instability that became a societal norm by now, she enquired about the abstract place in which this uncertainty has been established, the implications triggered by such an analysis, and the modalities by which artists can approach a state that inherently opposes any kind of understanding. (...)
Christofides documents the places and the living conditions of these people without evoking any explicit consternation. Rather, she shows them in their complexity as cumulated evidence of the dominant world system’s conditions, in which lives and places can be deterritorialized and anonymized to equal degrees, without ever being able to predict reliably how related socio-economic processes are set in motion. Nevertheless, the foreshadowing of vulnerability as a possible form of opposition that may lead potentially to re-empowerment shimmers through the 420 slide images, which the artist has gathered in an archival arrangement on the wall of the exhibition space.
The places and stories captured using documentary means (predominantly 16mm film) do not necessarily represent a specific geographical or social location but a set of globally spreading social symptoms. Understanding these could also mean overcoming them.

Andrei Siclodi, 2018