Black Mountain 
HD-video with sound, 16:9, colour, 10'33'' loop, concept, cinematography, editing, sound editing: Marianna Christofides
sound composition: George Georgiou Vasileiades
Black Mountain  Black Mountain  Black Mountain  Black Mountain 

In “Black Mountain” I accompany a fisherman on the Adriatic coast during his work. He is one of the last in the region employing an outmoded, archaic-seeming method of fishing that is characterized by hard labour and little to no return. He repeatedly has to start anew, his nets – constantly filling up with seaweed – tear apart, the poles holding them break under the weight. The few fish he catches are so small that he throws them back into the sea. And yet he does not give up, we are confronted with the power of the will and persistence, with another perception of time. Albert Camus talks in “The Myth of Sisyphus” of the night filled mountain and of the struggle toward the heights being enough to fill a man's heart.