Shelter Cove 
2015, 2-channel video installation, HD, 16:9 & 4:3, colour, stereo, 13' loop,
wooden construction (350x420x420cm), cinema seats
concept, cinematography, montage, sound editing: Marianna Christofides, sound composition: George G. Vasileiades
Shelter Cove  Shelter Cove  Shelter Cove  Shelter Cove  Shelter Cove  Shelter Cove 

The two-channel video Shelter Cove juxtaposes two encounters on a 15.000km road trip along the seam of North American and Pacific Plate – the San Andreas Fault in California – and touches upon quests on the impossible unity with nature and the dichotomy of protection and threat, being-at-home and being-at-somebody’s / something’s-mercy.
Given that a state of unfading instability in manifold manifestations of social life has become the norm, Shelter Cove examines the uncanny feel of dread as a fear of the possible.
Here I follow my interest on sedimentary traces of history made manifest in micro-stories in the present, on the vulnerability of certain places to ruination in face of earthquakes and other subterranean forces and the interdependences and subjugations involved.
Images from the garden of ‘La Miniatura’, a textile-block residential house in Pasadena designed by F.L. Wright, are coupled with those of a kayak anglers’ competition in Shelter Cove in the north of California – at the point where the San Andreas Fault Line abandons the mainland and all trace of it vanishes in the Pacific Ocean.