Days In Between 
2015, essay film, 16mm digitally transferred with sound, 1,33:1, colour & black-and-white, 40'
concept, cinematography, editing, sound editing: Marianna Christofides, text: Bernd Bräunlich, Marianna Christofides
sound composition: George Georgiou Vasileiades, voice: Steve Hudson
Days In Between  Days In Between  Days In Between  Days In Between  Days In Between  Days In Between  Days In Between  Days In Between  Days In Between  Days In Between  Days In Between 

There is very little seismic activity in the greater part of southeastern Europe, but in references to the Balkans, geological-seismological terms have taken on their own, metaphorical meanings and use in political jargon – thus fracture zone, fault line, epicentre of major tremors. Such are applied to the people who inhabit the region as if it were part of their nature. So, too, conflicts are depicted as if they had always been there, a geological feature, as it were. For the essay film “Days In Between” I have been recursively visiting the Balkans for the past four years, at first seeking out sites along borders lying by rivers and lakes, where the course of the boundary remains indefinite. After having lost the entire first block of footage, the data on the hard drive not being retrievable, I set out anew, only to witness that the places do not exist anymore in the same way. Topography changes insomuch that landscapes seem to vanish and observations “antiquate”. The approach of the film extends accordingly, now focusing on loss, omissions, disappearances without trace. The spiralling vacuum of stereotypes and metaphors, the appropriation of geological terms in justifying contingent cultural facts that characterizes the gaze of the West onto the region comes to the fore. Rivers become amphibious, both solid and liquid, as they separate bank from bank whilst connecting along their course. The film itself gets into flow: As a recurring attempt of approaching – the very constant failure and beginning anew within this process becomes part of an immersive narrative.