essay film, mini-dv/16mm, 4:3, colour & b/w, stereo, 23'29'' | Concept, cinematography, editing: Marianna Christofides
Text: Marianna Christofides, Bernd Bräunlich, Music: George Georgiou Vasileiades, Voice: Steve Hudson
April  April  April  April 

‘In the hinterland of my city the shoreline, flooded in coppery yellow light. No one for long stretches of the way, hardly a wretched living thing. Only red figures, armed, pressed into slabs of lead, rusty and stained, passed ceaselessly before my eyes – inscriptions of inclusion and exclusion.’
After my father passed away in 2005 I started going through notes and diaries he kept and interviewing friends and relatives who knew him as a child, as classmate in college in London of the 50s, as a colleague at school in Cyprus before 1974, in effect people who could recount something from times that I had not lived.
These records of stories were like going through a handbook which is not intact, of which some pages are missing. Despite their incomplete nature they guided me in a real journey that I began in 2008 throughout Europe.