... what if you meet a God on high sea? 
serigraphy, 70x100cm framed,
text: Marianna Christofides, Bernd Bräunlich
... what if you meet a God on high sea?  ... what if you meet a God on high sea? 

To an assembled oceanologic essay from diverse sources, examining the water currents and their circulation in the Mediterranean Sea, their causes and effects, Christofides adds footnotes that look at these events through a kaleidoscope of disciplines and fields of thought: historiography, literature, military terminology, EU’s foreign affairs. Whereas the visual form suggests a double-page from a scientific book, enhancing in this its veracity, both the image and the texts are far from explanatory. The seeming illustration depicts in reality a tiny section of an aerial view of Nicosia (found in the Cyprus Department of Lands and Surveys) showing a parking lot close to the UN-Buffer.
What is the impact of the Coriolis effect on missile accuracy? Can one observe a sole wave in every single aspect (Italo Calvino ‘Mr. Palomar’)? The result is a complex referential structure where migration, mythology, history and literature are linked within a new system of associations.