A river needs banks to flow 
two-channel video with sound, 16:9, colour, stereo, 29mins loop, telescope tripods, led-projectors,
serigraphies (56x76cm each), voice-over, stereo, audio 55mins loop, dimensions variable
A river needs banks to flow  A river needs banks to flow  A river needs banks to flow  A river needs banks to flow  A river needs banks to flow 

Two editions of the same view from my window of a snow-covered landscape – temporally and spatially slightly offset – remind us of stereoscopic views of the early 20th century. They are projected on free-hanging paper. On its back (or front) side the image of the projector itself appears, in movement. But it is rather the person operating the camera who is moving. Stills from this video are screen-printed in semi-translucent ink over each other.
Devices and objects are assigned a role initially alien to them. Old wooden telescope tripods carry in this constellation mini-led projectors – a twist in perspective, like the text in the off pondering its own becoming of a story. In an ever-changing juxtaposition of the essay’s initial phrases, the text gains different meanings.
The roaring sound of a train intrudes at times acoustically the space. It—the non-visible train—carries coal from one of the last active mines in the extended Ruhr area, formerly one of the biggest industrial sites in Europe. The tracks lie hidden under the trees, the frame of the video does not render them visible.