Here let me stand 
2-Channel-HD-Video | mute | 29’42’’ loop
photography, editing: Marianna Christofides
Here let me stand  Here let me stand  Here let me stand  Here let me stand 

n the National Archives in London there is a bulky volume from 1881 titled Cyprus Antiquities – Excavated by Major Alexander Palma di Cesnola containing images of antiquities of piercing precision and resolution. They depict the findings of Cesnola's excavations in Cyprus between 1876 and 1879 which cover a time span of 3000 years and would become the subject of rigorous discussions regarding scientific integrity and the accuracy of the artefacts' dating.
Looking at the photographs today which bear witness to a subjective, arbitrary classification, both chronologically and topographically, one becomes aware of the fiction that is imprinted on the photographic paper and which gained by now its own historicity.
In the video Here let me stand these static images are unified in a slow, continuous, unceasing take. Collage and montage meet indiscernibly in a work that aims at a poetic transfer of a fictitious assembly. Findings become testimonies of the personally seen and lived.
In 1915 C.P. Cavafy writes the poem Morning Sea.