wasps’ nest, marble beam, glass cover, light panel
blueville  blueville (Exhibition view Campagne Première Berlin)  blueville  blueville  blueville 

A wasps’ nest was sitting on a beam in the roof timbering of a house in a mountain village in Cyprus. On an August day the temperature rises up to 50 degrees Celsius in such a roof. At the onset of some previous winter the colony had died away, the nest abandoned; its fragile construction renders it uninhabitable after a year.
Having only a bread knife handy Christofides detaches it carefully from the site on that late summer afternoon. The nest weighs just a few grams.
Mount Penteli in Attica towers above the suburbs of Athens, the quarry is known from antiquity as the site where the marble blocks for constructing the Acropolis derive from. Between the crags there still lie bones of prehistoric animals, long since extinct. The stone is of a pristine white hue.
A wasps’ nest is sitting on a marble beam.