The Gibraltar Directory / Giro’s Passage (from the series ‘The Strait’) 
two offset prints framed
31.5 x 45 cm each
The Gibraltar Directory / Giro’s Passage (from the series ‘The Strait’)  The Gibraltar Directory (from the series ‘The Strait’) 

Juxtaposed images taken during the on-site research in Gibraltar as part of the project Stereoscapes #1.

“Her life was attested to as if by a latent image on a plate that had never been fully developed – for, when mention was made of Miss Garibaldi, one took no more than a passing glance upon her existence, only to move on and linger over a memory evidently more important to, and less evanescent for the speaker. But for two recollections that were so contrary that, rather than complementing each other, they cancelled one another out, making them useless as records, whatever had emerged in all its initial sketchiness from the developing-bath was then lost in the black of a darkroom such as her father, the pharmacist, Joaquin Angel Garibaldi, must have set up more than a century ago two storeys below me.
On my researches at the Gibraltar Archives at No. 6 Convent Place, I came upon evidence that Joaquin Angel, who died as an evacuee of some years far from home, in London in 1943, had pursued what was plainly a thriving business not only in medicines, but also, among other things, in photographic items.”

(Excerpt from the text in the work Stereoscapes #1)