Giro’s Passage (from the series ‘The Strait’) 
offset print framed
31.5 x 45 cm
Giro’s Passage (from the series ‘The Strait’) 

Juxtaposed images taken during the on-site research in Gibraltar as part of the project Stereoscapes #1.

“My journey to Gibraltar, which was quite a snap decision, likewise arose from the wish to complete a picture, to reconstruct views of a microcosm inventoried by photography. When I discovered the houses around the church square which were practically unrecognisable - so much had the facades changed - and wandered around them on my search for clues, I finally arrived in a narrow passage which, it seemed to me, led me into the glass slide. My eye fell upon the nameplate on the dust-covered front door on the left in the passage whose vaulted entrance was guarded by a lion’s head above the date, 1751. ‘Miss J. Garibaldi’, the nameplate said.”
(Excerpt from the text in the work Stereoscapes #1)