Cinema Aurora: Act I (detail) 
inkjet print framed
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Cinema Aurora is a project about differentiated perceptional encounters with things. The temporal framework of a five-act drama—exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution—is translated here into space. Each of the five rooms of the 19th century Palazzo Tommasi Rosso-Tedeschi in the Sicilian town of Modica corresponds to one of the five acts in classical drama structure after Gustav Freytag’s analysis. Delving into the notion of the indoor travel as described in 18th century literature, Cinema Aurora brings together found objects, magic-lantern slides, episcope projections, image montages and video recordings. Hovering in a timelessness where a definite spatial allocation drifts apart these object-instances turn out to be unintentional carriers of transformations in time bearing silent witness to a constant flux of commodities, people and cultural ideas.