Stereoscapes #2 
2-channel video installation, 2011
HD transferred to blu-ray disc | 16:9 | colour | stereo | 29' loop
concept, cinematography, sound, editing: Marianna Christofides
Stereoscapes #2  Stereoscapes #2  Stereoscapes #2  Stereoscapes #2  Stereoscapes #2 

Two editions of the same view from a window on a snow-covered landscape - temporally and spatially slightly offset, reminiscent of the way we register external phenomena. The spectator experiences a contemplative voyage at standstill. He is invited to come to a halt and take on the position of the observer. A sense for minute, easily overseen aspects and manifestations of fleeting elements, visually and acoustically, is hereby preserved. The gaze is internalised, departing from the place of facticity associated with physical proximity and drifting towards non-localized territories of the imaginary. The long takes in the video serve to convey images on which a geography of vision can unravel and outstretch. Stereoscapes #2 was shot in a mode echoing the stereoviews of the late 19th century.