Stereoscapes #1 
installation, 2011
vitrine, two lantern glass-slides in case, two laser-engraved texts on BFK-Rives paper, two lumisheet led panels
research, texts: Marianna Christofides, Bernd Bräunlich
Stereoscapes #1  Stereoscapes #1  Stereoscapes #1 

A pair of lantern slides of a street scene taken in Gibraltar in the late 20s or early 30s.
Based on recorded facts, in situ research and associative streams of thought the work addresses the diverse spaces that these images (exemplary of every found object) may have occupied and had effect on over the course of time. The captions of the two identical - yet differently cropped and painted - glass slides imply already the existence of minimum two editions of the same shot and subsequently of multiple versions of reality and its accompanied interpretation. Buying flowers and flower seller reads the caption respectively. Delving into the stories behind the image I was let to immerse into biographies of individual people, unforeseeable journeys in space and time, allowing me in this to come into contact with historical aspects of the last 200 years. By tracking a possible fragment of the multiple routes that a pair of images may have traversed through the world, two texts were developed, each one offering another view, a variation of the same motif and at the same time featuring a possible framework of the societal context and the course of such images around the globe over the decades. The two resulting laser-engraved texts in front of backlit panels hang adjacent to the two illuminated lantern images of Gibraltar.