36 graphite drawings in custom-made showcases (73x150x79cm each), 3 hand-drawn maps mounted (85x120cm each)
dimensions variable

In close vicinity to the fair grounds in Cologne on the right bank side of the Rhine, lies the Rhinepark with its assembly of 99 trees from around the world.
Hereto were developed drawings of pairings of tree species which could be linked together through an imaginary sight line. Their classification names and countries of origin allow a consideration in a broader context of geopolitical connotations. The actual distance between the resulting pairs of trees, as well as the angle to the North were calculated and registered. The result: 55 strokes in different directions and of diverse lengths. A further map was developed through the visualization of the diameter and the height of the trees by means of respective digits. Groupings, agglomeration and isolation of trees are thus made visible when seen from above. This topographic order of significants becomes part of a newly shaped cartography - such as the registration of the country of origin of each tree onto a coordinate system which corresponds to its actual position in the Rhinepark. By means of this practice arise surprising possibilities of geographical adjacencies - another view on the world map.