Denk-mal (x) 2 
Installation, 2007
Wooden Column, Marble Cube, 1 Channel Video | Colour | Silent
200 x 150 x 150 cm
Denk-mal (x) 2  Denk-mal (x) 2 

A column neither supporting nor bearing anything, not taller than a man. Comprised of low-grade and perishable material - industrially fabricated wood for boxes. The pedestal is replaced by a pallet. The exterior surface of the pillar is treated similarly to a monumental victory column - an engraved text which hereby seems at first glance to depict an important excerpt. The text originated from various lonely hearts columns in a greek free-press journal. The top surface of this column has been replaced by a monitor showing the image of the sun in motion, manifoldly fractured. In order for the spectator to be able to watch the video he has to step on a pedestal made of marble with deepenings in the form of feet, like the platforms once supporting gods' statues, now being only plausible traces of the once had been.